Alexei Musatov: Ukraine needs a new format of business-government interaction

Over one hundred and fifty participants, 5 thematic clusters and intense discussions – in Sumy, the Forum of Business Circles of Ukraine was held. Experts and representatives of business associations from 14 regions discussed today’s realities of the economic sector and appealed to the country’s leadership with a demand to support small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs). According to GR-specialist Alexei Musatov, for the success of the event it is important to build an effective systemic work of SMEs with the government.

As the organizers of the forum note, the lack of a dialogue with the authorities and government support for SMEs is of great concern to entrepreneurs. Business communities have repeatedly submitted collective proposals to the Verkhovna Rada for the simplification and liberalization of legislation in the field of business, but the reaction has not followed.

“The big problem is those legislative proposal  that come to the Verkhovna Rada and are not taken to help the business, but vice versa. And there are a lot of legislative proposal that have been lying there for years and nobody accepts them, “commented Svetlana Ichenskaya, coordinator of the SME Coalition of Sumy.

Continuing the theme of the “business power” dialogue, the executive director of the National League of Transport Business (NLTB), Alexei Musatov, noted that Ukraine’s legal field contains 54 mechanisms of interaction of business with the authorities, but none of them yields the proper result. According to Musatov, often public platforms lobby the narrow interests of the largest operators of the market, and electronic consultations on the websites of authorities are held formally.

“Therefore, we focused on developing a new format for business-government interaction – the Electronic Platform for Public Consultation,” Musatov said. “Now you can easily ignore the opinion of business, as the decision-making process is not published and is being held on paper. But within a year or two the authorities will switch to an automatic electronic document management system and the business should be ready for it. “

Summing up his speech, Alexei Musatov noted that the strategy of interaction between business and the authorities should not come from today, but be laid for at least 5 years in advance.

“Today, the government is developing a new regulation of the work of the Cabinet, which should ensure inclusiveness of decision-making in the light of the business position. Representatives of SMEs should take an active part in the preparation of new rules for interaction with the authorities, “Musatov said.

Based on the results of all the discussions and discussions, the participants of the forum made a joint Resolution in which they outlined specific proposals for draft laws that would create conditions for the development of small and medium-sized businesses in Ukraine. After completion, taking into account additions and proposals, the document will be sent to the President of Ukraine, the Cabinet of Ministers, the Verkhovna Rada and local self-government bodies.