The League joined the European introduction of navigation on the water

State Institution “Derzhhidrographia” leads signal lights and signs on waterways in line with European standards. This year, already bought 200 plastic buoys and 560 light optic devices with standalone power supply.

“Signal signs and lights, which are defined by the European rules of navigation on inland waterways and the European signaling system, do not meet the standards in Ukraine.

The discrepancy is in the form of signs, color buoys, lights characteristics.

“Derzhhydrography” sets up modern signs to indicate the position of the ship’s run and streamline the movement of ships.

Installation of optoelectronic devices with standalone power supply will refuse galvanic batteries. We counted: the savings from the purchase of plastic buoys, compared with metal, over 5 years will be more than 10 million USD.

And the refusal of short-term galvanic batteries for the same period – almost 4 million UAH”, – says Chief of the State Hydrography Dmitry Padakin.

The cost of plastic buoy is less than the cost of metal 8 times. The new devices do not require annual painting. In addition, plastic buoys are twice as lightweight than metal, so less powerful tools with a lower load of cranes can be used to install them, which in turn will reduce the consumption of fuel materials. “Today, an important task is to organize safe navigation in Ukraine”, – says Dmitry Padakin.