National League of Transport Business at the 2nd International Conference “Railways of Ukraine: Development and Investment”

Priority directions for «Ukrzaliznytsia’s» policy in 2018 remain structural reforms, ensuring openness and competitiveness, as well as investing in core assets. This was stated during the conference by acting chairman of the board Yevgeny Kravtsov.

«Ukrzaliznytsia» plans to attract investments for 18.4 billion hryvnias for upgrading and modernizing the railway fleet. Information about the use of funds can be viewed on the official state portal of E-Data, which will be added to the transparency and openness policy of the company. In parallel, a special working group at the level of the Cabinet of Ministers develops the concept of reforming the corporate governance of the state enterprise.

“Without an efficient and transparent corporate decision-making system based on world standards, it’s impossible to say that we can develop in the right vector”, – emphasized the importance of the direction Yevgeny Kravtsov.

“Reform to “UZ” is necessary, it is clear to everyone. Firstly, train condition and infrastructure – everything needs to be changed.

Secondly, the reform does not exist on its own. Any changes will be displayed on the market. For example, an increase in the fleet of freight cars will have a positive effect on its grain segment, which today shows good dynamics “, – expressed the point of view of the conference participant Maxim Rakhlinskyi, chairman of the National League of Transport Business.

Besides the traditional report on achievements and plans, Kravtsov also raised issues. According to him, the company needs to develop a clear structure of work in the main directions – passenger, freight, infrastructure and traction.

“In order to make any changes, to highlight the direction of business, you must understand the financial component of each direction. For example, if we are talking about the fact that passenger transportation should be subsidized by the state, then we need to understand in which extent. After all, the indicator of losses of passenger transportation in the amount of 10 billion UAH annually, we recognize quite tentatively, for a number of reasons, because now there is no clear distribution of financing for infrastructure between freight and passenger traffic”, – explained Yevgeny Kravtsov.

Conference participants note that for the first time, the largest transportation monopolist of the country does not impose its market policy, but initiates its open discussion. This gives the business the opportunity to express their proposals and to join in its formation.

“We see that today “UZ” is open to real dialogue”, – commented the event Maxim Rakhlinskyi, – “But the dialogue is built on two sides: now the business must remove lobbying of its own interests from the first plan, and move on to a new format of constructive dialogue.”