The National Transport Business League has joined the development of the concept of aviation complex in the Bila Tserkva

Recently, the concept of aerodrome development was presented in the Bila Tserkva. The priorities are cargo transport, aircraft maintenance and repair of aircraft.

The National Transport Business League also joined the development of the concept. The municipal enterprise “Bila Tserkva Cargo Aviation Complex” has all the facilities for creating a logistic transport hub on the basis of the air carrier “Bila Tserkva”.

With a 2.5 km runway of Class B, the airfield can take aircraft type IL-76 weighing up to 200 tons and actually provide them with repair. “We have 11 hectares of airborne power cover. These are unique workshops now filled with aircrafts that are being repaired. We work as an industrial park, which means 25 hectares of land, which has 54 enterprises, “said Sergey Kandaurov, director of the company.

Bila Tserkva airport has unique configurations and opportunities for attracting foreign investments in expanding the transport infrastructure of the state.