The European Parliament supported the initiative of the Ukrainian delegation in Public Administration reform of Ukraine

In the European Parliament during the Round Table “European perspective of Ukraine”, the leadership of the National League of Transport Business joined the discussion on the Public Administration reform and represented their vision of constructive dialogue between Society and Government.

The main problem of public administration in Ukraine is that civil servants often make decisions without having comprehensive and actual information of the society’s problems. This opinion was expressed by the СVO NLTB Alexei Musatov. According to him, the reason is in the ineffectiveness of the communication system, which still works according to the Soviet model.

“If we want changes in the country – the rules of the game should be changed. Decisions must be made with the participation of all stakeholder groups”, said  Musatov.

“The financial assistance of the EU allowed to begin reform and for its successful implementation, we, the society and business must catching initiative”, – said Maxim Rakhlinskyi, ceo NLTB. – “We are currently working on creating an  engagement e-Platform – unified of its kind communication site that will fill this gap and allow the government to make effective decisions that will be supported by the community.”

“E-technologies have radically changed a lot of business spheres. But in Public Administration, they are just beginning to apply. And, for example, Blockchain is a technology that in itself can ensure transparency, decentralization and consensus on government decision-making”, explained Alexei Musatov.

During the conversation, the round table participants concluded that the government and the community need to work together on a new format for government decision-making. Members of the European Parliament reported that without this assistance allocated to Ukraine for the Public Administration reform will not bring the desired results.

Reference. October 11, the Ukrainian delegation, consisting of deputies, lawyers, representatives of business associations, the public and the media community, joined the plenary session in the European Parliament (Brussels). The topic of the round table was the prospects of Ukraine in the EU. In particular, the issue of political tendencies in Ukraine, the interaction of power, business and the public, ways of attracting investors, and also touched upon the human rights and freedom of expression aspect as a fundamental value for Ukraine and the EU.