The first working meeting of representatives of the League and the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine took place

In the framework of the Public Declaration to Cooperate between the National League of Transport Business and the Ministry of Infrastructure, the first working meeting of the parties took place. Participation in the event were taken by the State Secretary of the MIU Andriy Halushchak, the Executive Director of the NLTB Alexey Musatov and representatives of the Directorate of Strategic Planning and Coordination of State Transport Policy.

Alexey Musatov presented to the civil servants the Concept of the work of the е-Platform – an engagement Platform for the preparation of government decisions.

«The main objective of this project is to create an IT tool for the effective implementation of the new tasks assigned to the Directorates of the Ministry by the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine №644. The Platform provides an opportunity for all stakeholders – business, public, and experts to participate directly in the early stages of the preparation of decisions. Not on the basis of loud statements or collective letters, but as a result of rationale collaborative work», – explained Musatov.

According to him, all functional and processing of the Platform is aimed at ensuring the needs of in the management of information arrays.

«But the success of the project depends on how seriously you approach it. We invite you to be non-outside consultants, and researchers and co-founders of a new format for preparing evidence-based solutions», – Alexey Musatov summed up.

As a result of the first meeting, it was agreed that the League creates an engagement Platform and MIU Directorates use it in the process of fulfilling their main tasks. The test launch of the Platform is planned for the first quarter of 2019.